Today is February 12, and I’m staring out the window of GLM’s Hoboken, NJ offices, watching the snow accumulate and gradually hide the pavement on the corner of 1st and Jefferson. It’s certainly due – We haven’t yet had much snow on the east coast this winter, and I’m grateful for it. I’m not much of […]

Business Marketing Tips - 5 Digital Content Options to Grow your Business - Content Marketing - Association Marketing

(3 min. read) What comes to mind when you hear “digital publishing”? Blogs? Books? Magazines? That’s correct. However, it can also be podcasts, videos, infographics and more. Anything that can be viewed online or downloaded is considered digital publishing. According to Statista, as of July 2022, there were more than 5 billion active internet users […]

Business Tips - Outsource your Marketing Plan - Outsourced Marketing Team - Association Marketing

(2.5 min. read) Raise your hand if you have an in-house marketing team. You are fortunate if you do. A small business owner wears many hats, and it often includes being the marketing department. “Do more with less staff” has been the business norm for years but it’s exhausting. What if you could shift a […]

Business Marketing Tips - Four Tips to Improve SMO - Search Media Optimization for Business

(2 min. read) If you have a website, then you are familiar with the idea of search engine optimization (SEO) to improve results when someone is searching for keywords associated with your brand or product. But what about social media optimization? Social media optimization (SMO) involves creating content that encourages and entices people to engage […]

Business Marketing Tips - Using Infographics in your Marketing Strategy - Association Marketing

(3 min. read) Visual content has been growing by leaps and bounds. With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, many brands are shifting their marketing strategy to increase focus on visual identity. In fact, 50.5% of those surveyed said that visual content was very important to theirmarketing strategy and 19% said their strategy is nothing […]

Business Marketing Tips - Email Marketing - Four Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

(2 min. read) Are you looking for a way to stay in touch with your customers, alert them to updates, promos or other information about your business? Email marketing may be the solution. However, your customers are sending and receiving emails all day long. How can your message cut through the noise and catch their […]

Business Marketing Tips - Text (SMS) Marketing – Can it Work for your Business?

(2.5 min read) What is it? Text, or Short Message Service (SMS) marketing, is a form of direct marketing that sends apromotional message, offer, news or update directly to a customer via text message on theirmobile device. It is used to increase brand awareness, generate sales, and boost customerengagement. If you can imagine a way to […]

Print Magazine - Association Publication - Tips to keep your print magazine - Association Magazine

(3 min. read) How many times have you done it? Pulled out your mobile device, opened a web browser or anapp to search for a local restaurant, area attraction, or the Facebook page of your favoriteboutique? Maybe you were seated in the comfort of your home in front of your computer, inyour pajamas and done […]

Six Design Tips for Digital & Print - Association Publication Magazine - Business Marketing

(5 min. read) When it comes to publishing, regardless of whether it’s in print or digital form – be it a tradejournal, catalog, company business portfolio, special interest magazine or consumer title – ifyou want to truly resonate with readers, you’d better make a great first impression. GLM hascompiled a list of key design principles […]

Social Media Resource Roadmap - Business Marketing Tips - Association Communication

(2 min. read) Managing your social media can be complex. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources widely available out there to help you juggle it all. There are tools that help you design your posts, others to streamline your posting schedule across multiple channels, and finally, sites solely dedicated to analyzing the performance metrics […]

Business Marketing Tips - Tips on Outsourcing Social Media - Marketing Strategies for Business

(3 min. read)  Gone are the days of direct mail, flyers and commercials to get your business in front of customers (at least for now). These days, using social media to build a strong brand reputation and connect with your audience is a necessity. Since the platforms are free to register and offer low-cost options […]

Brand Consistency and Social Media - Business Marketing Tips

(2 min. read) Keeping company branding consistent across a wide range of media has always been challenging. With the social media explosion in recent years, keeping your brand consistent across multiple onlineplatforms only increases that challenge. Connecting with an online audience gives your brand a broader reach and can make it a more personalinteraction. Therefore, it […]