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Mars’s M&M’s: Brand Marketing Spotlight Series

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Next up in our Brand Marketing Spotlight Series — chocolate candy for all “funkind,” M&M’s.

In this series, GLM will continue to highlight a well-known brand and dive into how they achieved their level of success from a marketing standpoint and offer tips on how to utilize their methodology for your own strategy! Here are three ways to increase your brand awareness,

community, and bottom line:

In 1941, the chocolate industry would change forever. A new product entered the market that would reach iconic status and remain a heavy-hitter well into 2023 and beyond — M&M’s. Did you know that Mars, Incorporated began its chocolate production in our very own Newark, New Jersey?

By the 50s, it was a globally recognized and consumed product. Thanks to genius marketing campaigns, the M&M’s momentum never slowed down.

Staying relevant and continuously evolving its product offerings, M&M’s has successfully attracted new customers and retained its status as a beloved brand in the industry.

Brick & Mortar Locations

B2C is an extremely powerful avenue in business. The ability to curate, customize, and control the shopping experience around your products is a game-changer. A physical store can serve as a physical representation of your brand. You can design the space to reflect your brand identity and create a memorable in-store experience. M&M’s has nailed this.

Physical stores are known to establish credibility and trust among customers. There’s an assumption that the brand is stable if it’s gotten so far as to have a dedicated store. People often prefer businesses they can physically visit, as it allows them to touch and engage with the products first-hand. 

The M&M’s flagship store in Time Square, NYC, is an impressive two-story store that will have you second-guessing whether or not you’re still in the city or just entered another color-filled dimension. Visitors can marvel at the focal point in the store, a wall with thousands of flavors of M&Ms (and sample them too, of course). In 2012, the flagship launched a personalized printer, which allows customers to create customized M&M’s right in the store. Talk about consumer engagement!

In keeping with M&M’s brand-building methods, you too can host events, workshops, or promotions in your physical location, which can attract foot traffic from loyal and new customers alike, all while building a sense of community around your brand. M&M’s stores across the globe have maximized this opportunity to connect with and draw in customers.

It could take years before a small brand can grow enough to sustain a brick-and-mortar location and in some cases, it might not even be necessary. With e-commerce leading the charge for consumer purchasing, a physical store isn’t always the next step. However, if all of the factors align with your brand (location, price, demographic, etc.), opening one can take your brand to the next level.

Product Innovation

M&M’s has consistently introduced new flavors and limited-edition varieties. This strategy keeps consumers engaged and curious about what’s next, leading to repeat purchases.

The brand releases special editions tied to holidays and seasons that encourage consumers to collect or gift them during specific times of the year.

The ability to customize M&M’s colors and even add personal messages or images has been a massive hit. Think – personalized gifts and party favors, expanding the brand’s appeal beyond casual snacking.

The brand also collaborates with popular brands to create themed products. These partnerships tap into existing fan bases and generate excitement among both M&M’s and partner brand enthusiasts.

Personification of Product

M&M’s iconic mascots have been essential in creating brand recognition, brand storytelling, and connecting with consumers on an emotional level.

The characters, with their own distinct personalities, evoke emotional responses from consumers. For example, the spokesman candies like Red (the confident leader) and Yellow (the lovable, anxious one) create emotional connections that go beyond just buying candy. People become attached to these characters and look forward to their charming adventures via brand ads, especially commercials and other forms of digital media.

Think about it. Creating lovable mascots to tell your brand storytelling is an opportunity to differentiate the brand, maintain consistency, and ensure that M&M’s remains a beloved and memorable brand in the candy industry. 

M&M’s has creatively adapted the charismatic characters to fit different marketing campaigns and messages to promote new products, special promotions, or seasonal offerings.

You too, can use a mascot to create engaging narratives around your brand, keeping consumers entertained and interested.

All of these tactics are viable for brands of any size. With the right team and strategy, the sky is the limit!

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