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GLM has been establishing new financial milestones for our clients for over 40 years.

A truly immersive partner, GLM represents your brand with passion and attention to detail.

And GLM handles it all from pre-sale competitive analysis and market research, to post-sale invoicing and payment processing.


Revenue. By definition, revenue is the “amount of money brought into a company or business typically by selling goods or services”. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways to open new revenue streams and bring money into your business, and GLM is an expert in doing just that!

For more than four decades, GLM has served the publishing and association industry through a multitude of media services, selling nearly a half billion dollars in advertising revenue! GLM can evaluate your publication to determine how best to increase revenue, increase membership and strengthen your brand.

Advertising and Sponsorships

As just one of GLM’s revenue offerings, our team of experienced salespeople will take an in-depth look at your publication or website and determine ways to increase revenue through additional sales. We use tools that allow us to take a deep dive into your competition to ensure you are getting your fair share or more of the market share.

Competitive Analysis

GLM’s most successful revenue generation tool is the competitive analysis. This valuable custom report provides actionable insights regarding the ad dollars for which your business is competing. This information is used to spark immediate revenue growth. The first step is to do a thorough analysis of the marketplace that your business operates within. GLM identifies a competitive set targeted to your universe of advertisers, and we create a report that includes a 12 to 24-month review of the advertisers that are spending ad dollars with your competitors.

We identify every advertising account, along with the frequency and issues in which they ran. We next identify the decision maker, whether at the agency, or the brand, and provide their contact information. Finally, we pinpoint each brand’s planning months, peak spending times, and notable position requests. This process identifies the most relevant targets in the current market and allows for extremely actionable forecasting and goal planning. GLM’s competitive analysis reveals tremendous opportunities and ultimately yields fantastic results that will provide increased revenue.

Reach out to GLM today and find out how we can customize a program to increase your revenue!