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For more than 40 years, GLM has proven to be a leader in the publishing industry. We have valued partnerships with legacy brands that span decades. Our expertise provides our marketing partners with a customized solution for all their publishing needs.

The GLM Custom team has the ability to research, write, design, edit, print, and distribute any type of publication. Whether you require content creation, social media management, or delivery of your digital or printed publication, GLM Custom is your go-to collaborative partner.

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While GLM Custom has a wide spectrum of publishing solutions, here are the top services requested most often:

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Custom Content Creation

Proofreading & Editing

Design & Layout

Social Media Management

Printing & Delivery

Promotional Videos


Advertising Sales

Email Marketing

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Branded Content Customized For Your Company

GLM Custom develops a broad range of traditional and digital publishing products including consumer special interest publications, membership directories, visitor guides, catalogs, email marketing, collateral and more.

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